The creative process combined with self-promotion can be a sticky place. My own fears and blindspots slowed down my creative life for many years, and taught me about how I want to show up in the world, the kind of art I want to create, and how I want to feel while doing it. I love working with other artists to uncover the (sometimes imaginary) stumbling blocks between them and their most authentic artistry.


Having worked with children since the age of 12 and nannying for over 18 years, I have seen a thing or two. I can troubleshoot child routines, sleep schedules, behavioral issues, organizational home systems, you name it. But at the heart of all of those surface level problems, there are deeper needs and emotions that can go unnoticed while the days are full of every kind of chaos and joy. I help mamas show up with more confidence and peace. I help mamas see their role more clearly, and teach them how to let go of their need to be perfect or fix everything. How to be more present, choose your battles and remember who you are.